Hi, we’re Sheldon Technology

A small team of media and technology masters who inspire big ideas for brands.

Our studio

We’ve created an environment that fosters enthusiasm and lets everyone work to their full potential.

  • Jaden looking spiffy.

  • We love working for you.

  • Snoopy tells us the date.

  • Never too many office supplies.

  • Bess sleeping on the job.

  • This is where creativity starts.

  • Our design station with Time Capsule. All Apple of course.

  • That was easy!

  • Not JustinTv but KevinTv...literally.

  • Notice Derek's desk has nothing on it...

  • The plan board- don't bother trying to read Derek's writing - we cant.

  • Derek hard at work - or hardly working.

  • Made in the USA!

  • We just loved this pic. Where is the tornado?

  • We take our jobs seriously.

  • Lots and lots of space for creative and technical minds.

  • Our Office Tour

Our team

2 Geniuses, 1iOS Developer, and 1 crazy cat. We may be small but we offer World Class talent.

What we do

Like craftsmen, we care about what we do. Each pixel perfected, every project a part of us. Your success is ours.

  • App Development

    We design & build apps for the Web, iOS and Android.

  • Apple Specialists

    We make it a point to stalk Apple. We know everything about their products - how to fix them and operate them.

  • Media Consultancy

    We help brands deliver online experiences their clients love.

  • IT Consultancy

    We help advise and transition businesses for the future with technology upgrades and digital systems.

  • Website Development

    We design stunning websites with the newest methods of design process and functionality .

  • Media Management

    We can help build manage your online media and social presence so you are always successful.

  • SEO Campaigns

    We love to be 1st place on Google - you should too. Effective organic SEO experts here.

Featured Projects

How we work

We want to make a difference - create media that change peoples lives. Let us improve your success today.

  • We move fast - working in short instinctive sprints, validating our decisions along the way. No time wasted here.

  • We see it as our responsibility to keep the web moving forwards.

  • Our best work often goes unnoticed. It was designed that way.

  • We like to add value - consider us as partners and involve us early in the thinking.

  • We don't build accounts, we build relationships. Come work with us.

  • There may be many classes in customer service - the only class we offer is World Class.